Rhaya® Max

Rhaya® Max is everything you need when it comes to filming production.

Our specialities is making ideas happening to your screen. From the cinema-size screen to the pocket-size one. We are working alongside the wide range of passionate and creative talents in the field. Our production services including illustration, storyboarding, stillomatic, A to Z post production, music and audio producing.

We understand the needs of versatility. Always, step forward.


With the strive of getting the highest standards and the versatility to achieve even bigger purposes in every chances, we bring your ideas to screen. From feature films, TV series, TV commercials, documentaries, animation feature, digital content, web series, still photography and production services.

Idea Production

Story & Character Development
Script Writing
Mood/Story Boarding
Campaign Ideas

Content Production

Feature & Short Films
Documentary Films
Motion Graphic
Online Advertisement Video
Visual Content for Social Media
Video Based Learning

Digital Media

Web Development & Management
Mini Game
Learning Management System
Board Game

Digital Marketing

Campaign Strategy
Social Media Management
Digital Media Buying
Social Media Ads
Influencer Marketing

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