About Us

RHAYA FLICKS is an Indonesian film agency

We love movies and want every movie to meet its audience. We promote films contextually and follow the dynamics of conversation on social media so that every promo material has the right message, timing, and audience.


Communication Strategist

Promotional narrative and film positioning
Communication journey
Promotion Plan & Strategy
Content Distribution Plan & Strategy

Material Promotion

Social Media Content
Posters (Official & Character)
Trailers & Video Editing
Web Design & Development
Identity & Branding
Motion Graphics & Animation

Data & Insight

Benchmarking & Market Research
Social Media Monitoring
Focus Group Discussion for Audience Insight

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimization
Facebook, IG, Tiktok & Google Ads
Influencer Handling


Futih Aljihadi • CEO | Ghilman Hadiyan • Creative Director & Designer | Ginan Aulia Rahman • COO & Content Producer | Fauzie Malik • Production Manager | Agung Putro Setio • Project Manager | Mega Wastu Kencana • Videographic Designer | Muhammad Rijal Fadhlulloh • Designer & Illustrator | Rizky Mardana • Videographic Designer | Muhammad Nabiel Githrif • Videographic Designer | Rio Rambucaye • Designer | Ridho Muwahid Billah • COO Rhaya Max | Muhammad Azhar • Videographic Designer | Iffah Khoridatun Nabilah • Copywriter | Tiara Nurul Jasmine • KOL Manager

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