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Fight for Gaza: Zombie – The Cranberries [BP & Kikan]

The Cranberries – Zombie (Video Cover)

Concept by Bondan Prakoso & Kikan Namara.
Directed and Edited by Futih Aljihadi
Produced by Mazbagus Satrio & Udzir Harris.

Special Thanks to Kikan Management & VOLD Records
Video Location – StereoKitchen


Imagine that we are in Gaza for a moment Watching all the sorrowful sights and feeling all the fears

In Gaza, will songs still sound melodious amid the sound of the missile crunching your guts? When stones are thrown, missiles destroy the land, and the sky cracks: Children lose their parents and their future!

In Palestine, this war is not about religion It is about people who fail humanity There, in the land that God promised, the war is never only about landlines or a wall or the holy sites where God once spoke to the prophets The war is about everything beyond that: It is a betrayal to the God’s trust that human will not drain the blood of their kind

We may not be able to stop the tanks, We cannot put a halt to the bullet, and we cannot vaporize gunpowder But we must take our part in the destiny to stop this war and massacre

For the sake of God or anything we have to fight those who betray humanity, no matter who they are, no matter where they are, no matter how strong they are:

Fight the Zombies!