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Branding – Indonesian International Islamic University

The International Indonesian Islamic University (UIII) was founded based on Presidential Regulation Number 57 of 2016 concerning the Establishment of the International Indonesian Islamic University. Different from other Islamic universities, the UIII carries out a number of “diplomatic” missions. 

The UIII will not only become an ordinary formal educational institution but it serves as the representation of the Indonesian Muslim and its strategic positioning at both levels: regional and international.

Henceforth, the UIII will become the global qibla for the Indonesian Islamic studies, as well as the center for the spread of modern, tolerant, and advanced Islamic culture in various perspectives of knowledge, including political science, education, and the economic and finance for the better humanity. This multi-dimentional approach is expected to serve as a significan contribution of Indonesia to the international community, in the midst of adverse conditions experienced by some Muslim countries which requires well-defined innovative strategy and vision.

Building consensus is fundamental to the success of the branding process. All authority, instincts and drive to develop the brand must come within UIII. To ensure UIII brand direction stay excellent, achievable and sustainable, the person or group which could be higher-level staffs, founders, group of board member etc.

How to Brand and What are the Benefits?

In order to be effective, UIII brand has to have both clarity and depth with focus on consistency. This is done by always conveying UIII key values in all its programs and activities. Brand strategy included in this book is a distillation of UIII mission, values and personality in form of design brief which become an essential tool to develop a brand that effectively conveys what UIII stands for.